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The Chronicle: Who’s Afraid of Health Reform

My column in the Chronicle this week, about how the left’s fear of health insurance rescissions and the right’s fear of “death panels” both reflect concerns over endowing impersonal bureaucracies with extensive decision-making power. Enjoy! Tweet

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Over at the Cyniconomics blog, blogger ffwiley has put together a useful primer on the opposition on the part of the American people to military intervention in Syria. It’s so useful, in fact, that I’m going to post a large …

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I read this morning–in a Wall Street Journal editorial, no less–a brief passage that could not have captured my feelings on the idea of an American class struggle more fully. There is something going on here, a new distance between …

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As I posted this past Monday evening, the list of employers who are cutting employee hours to navigate around the Affordable Care Act is growing. The White House, for its part, has responded to these developments by dismissing them as …

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Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast


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One has to wonder if, given President Obama’s advocacy of universal pre-K education, our pre-K drop out rates will also start to reach 40%. Tweet

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Adding Pre-K to the Ever-Expanding List of Universal Rights

In President Obama’s recent State of the Union address, a charge was made for universal pre-kindergarten education. The President supported this platform with one statistic in particular: every dollar we invest in high-quality early childhood education can save more than … Continue reading

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John Lott, who has done extensive research on the effects of gun bans on violent crime, has a great op-ed in the Weekend Journal dealing with the folly of proposed legislation coming from President Obama and Dianne Feinstein. Lott covers …

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Only Obama

A strong column from a fellow Chronicle columnist this morning: Only Obama Could Spy, Torture, and Assassinate. My first column of the semester will appear on Wednesday. This semester, I will be following a sort of “syllabus” I wrote up, … Continue reading

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