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Taxpayer-Funded Studies Go Unpublished

According to Pharmafile, almost 30% of clinical trials for new drugs go unpublished up to five years after completion. Of those unpublished studies, almost 80% release no data at all for consideration by the public. The Pharmafile article takes issue … Continue reading

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Biochemist and drug discovery guru Derek Lowe talks the myth of the STEM shortage, and how the numbers just don’t seem to bear this one out. Lowe cites a number of studies (indirectly, via an editorial from the IEEE Spectrum, …

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Derek Lowe, of the In the Pipeline pharmaceutical and drug discovery blog, has an insightful post on public funding of basic sciences, and how arguments that ROI warrants higher taxes on pharmaceutical companies overlook the vast amount in taxes generated …

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Derek Lowe, author of Corante’s wildly popular In the Pipeline blog, comments on an editorial from economist Paula Stephan suggesting that Ph.D. training and subsequent scientific research should be viewed as a developing pyramid scheme. This is a really interesting point. …

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